august 2012//rauenberg, germany//canon 20d

the two weeks i spent living with one of my best friends and her family in a small town in southwestern germany seems but a dream now-faraway, a goldeny haze of vineyards and a harsh toungue i spoke little of-but it's one of my favorite dreams to return to. she would find it funny, to hear me wax poetically about her little corner of the world, but to me it seemed perfect-a dense conurbation of homes, surrounded by gently rolling vineyards and hills, a little town center,  with 'eis' (ice cream) shops, and a even a very small town zoo. Never have I felt more at peace than those sunny warm days, windows flung wide open with no sign of a screen {reason #1 to move to europe; no mosquitoes}, riding bikes around town, watching the sun set from the vineyards, meeting new friends and listening intently, trying to catch a word I recognized. Too often, we forgo small towns in favor for bright lights and big cities-but sometimes, it's nice to step off the beaten track and find a little jewel like rauenberg. 

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