whose woods these are

02.17.14//bridgewater ma//canon 5d

these woods are lovely, dark and deep 
but i have promises to keep
and miles to go before i sleep 
and miles to go before i sleep. 
{robert frost}


02.19.14//bridgewater, ma//canon 5d

everything can be solved with a stack of pancakes + some good ole' fashioned Americana decor. 

a couple of things

02.06.14//amherst, ma//canon 5d

a couple of things; 
  • things are falling into place-slowly, and never neatly, but falling into place nonetheless.
  • these shots are from my first photo project-isn't the texture insane?
  • so excited to have 43 followers on bloglovin'-ya'll are the best. very excited to reach 50 {hint; there will be a giveaway of sorts!}
  • happy valentine's day to all-eat a little  all the chocolate, and tell all those important people in your life that you love them xx


august 2012//rauenberg, germany//canon 20d

the two weeks i spent living with one of my best friends and her family in a small town in southwestern germany seems but a dream now-faraway, a goldeny haze of vineyards and a harsh toungue i spoke little of-but it's one of my favorite dreams to return to. she would find it funny, to hear me wax poetically about her little corner of the world, but to me it seemed perfect-a dense conurbation of homes, surrounded by gently rolling vineyards and hills, a little town center,  with 'eis' (ice cream) shops, and a even a very small town zoo. Never have I felt more at peace than those sunny warm days, windows flung wide open with no sign of a screen {reason #1 to move to europe; no mosquitoes}, riding bikes around town, watching the sun set from the vineyards, meeting new friends and listening intently, trying to catch a word I recognized. Too often, we forgo small towns in favor for bright lights and big cities-but sometimes, it's nice to step off the beaten track and find a little jewel like rauenberg. 

adventures//snow day

{this is my dorm!}

feb. 5 2014//amherst, ma//canon 5d

While I've had school off for plenty of reasons-including freezing temperatures, hurricanes, and, once, a manhunt-snow days are always my favorite. There's something so exciting about waking up and knowing that there's nothing to do, seeing the world blanketed in fresh, clean snow, + being all cozy inside. This was my first snow day at Amherst and I thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone sledding, snowboarding, and frolicing-I definitely live in the prettiest part of campus! 

adventures//durfee conservatory

january 31//durfee conservatory, umass//canon 5d

Big universities are cool because they have little gems like this perfect conservatory, tucked away on campus; a little oasis on freezing New England days. I shot these with my 50mm lens, and was pretty excited with the results-I forgot how much I love this little lens, and will be using it much more in the future!

month in review//january

january; ebbs+flows. 

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