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I'm a little bit of a self proclaimed bookworm, and I thought that it'd be swell to do a once weekly post about books, articles, and magazines I've found myself smitten, as well as take suggestions from other readers! While I'm planning on running the feature on Sundays, I got a little caught up in posting my adventures with my friend yesterday, so a Monday reading list it is.

I discovered Rumi my senior year of high school, and fell head over heels into love; his poetry renders me wordless. Mom and Dad delivered this year with my own personal copy that i could highlight {like the geek I am}. My Mom's a big fan of Mary Oliver, so they also gave me a copy of selected works as well. I haven't finished these ones yet; poetry is so dense that I often read only small portions of it at a time.

some other things. 
2 people, one life; a blog documenting two people who are having a wedding in each country-each ceremony is dictated by local customs. Very interesting concept- particularly love the weddings in Ireland and Morroco.
+ Before they Pass Away; Jimmy Nelson is traveling around the world, documenting indigenous tribes before they become extinct. His photographs are absolutely stunning; I highly recommend taking a peek, you might end up staying for an hour {or two!}
+Super Heroine, an interview with Lorde; No secret that I love Lorde {remember this post?}, so when I stumbled across this interviewby Tavi Gevinson, I may have died. It's long but worth the read.

What have you been reading recently?

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