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november-december 2013//bridgewater ma {mostly}//pentax k1000 + walmart expired film

ah, if only i wasn't so broke-i would shoot film so much more. as it is, i have six rolls, waiting patiently on my bookshelf to be developed, but there are phone bills to pay and college textbooks to buy. financing college myself this semester{weeps uncontrollably} means that i'm counting my pennies very carefully//contemplating selling my kidneys on the black market~and wishing that i lived somewhere where it didn't cost 23k a year to go to a state school. {weeps some more}

anyways, moving on- these pictures were a very pleasant surprise. generally speaking, expired film, being somewhere between fifteen and forty years old, churns out some..interesting results, ranging from blue tinted to very grainy//damaged film. however, this roll resulted in some beautifully colored shots. i was also using my pentax k1000, which is a manually focused camera-a vast contrast to the virtually indestructible, automatic underwater camera from the eighties that i usually use. i especially love the pictures of my friends-i feel like whenever i take my digital camera out, they kind of pose, but film shots tend to be more candid and spontaneous.

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