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so i haven't really talked about it here on the blog, but tomorrow i'll be moving 107 miles away and starting as a transfer student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst {aka zoomass}. I'm really, really excited, but also kind of nervous~as expected.

to touch upon my college experience so far-I chose to study g.d. {graphic design} in college without knowing too much about it, because everyone told me I should, got into a bunch of great schools I couldn't afford, forgot to send my test scores to the only school I could afford {classic shannon move} and ended up applying helter skelter to Massachusetts College of Art in late April. I have no regrets about spending my freshman year there, but at the end of the day I found myself at an impasse-lots of good things that made it hard to leave, but so many "eh" things that made it hard to see myself staying there for three more years. So I cut my losses, spent a semester working and living at home, and now I'm headed off to Amherst.

I have a really good feeling about all of this; while I'll miss city life so much, you can't go wrong with traditional college life, lots of cool classes to take, a spot in my first choice dorm, and an on campus job.....things are already falling into place. There's still a lot of unknown aspects-I've been to western Massachusetts {farmville usa} exactly twice, don't really know what I'll be studying, don't really know anyone, but hey!it's an adventure.

so, here's to new friends, new favorite places, friday nights, photo adventures and anthro lectures-may you be good to me xx

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