sound of settling

january 2013//amherst, ma//canon 5d

my cozy new corner, a home away from home. 

winter winds

brenna//bridgewater ma//january 18//canon 5d

sometimes, it's the most spontaneous shots that come out the most beautiful.

headed to the zoo

{source; tumblr via flickr}

so i haven't really talked about it here on the blog, but tomorrow i'll be moving 107 miles away and starting as a transfer student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst {aka zoomass}. I'm really, really excited, but also kind of nervous~as expected.

to touch upon my college experience so far-I chose to study g.d. {graphic design} in college without knowing too much about it, because everyone told me I should, got into a bunch of great schools I couldn't afford, forgot to send my test scores to the only school I could afford {classic shannon move} and ended up applying helter skelter to Massachusetts College of Art in late April. I have no regrets about spending my freshman year there, but at the end of the day I found myself at an impasse-lots of good things that made it hard to leave, but so many "eh" things that made it hard to see myself staying there for three more years. So I cut my losses, spent a semester working and living at home, and now I'm headed off to Amherst.

I have a really good feeling about all of this; while I'll miss city life so much, you can't go wrong with traditional college life, lots of cool classes to take, a spot in my first choice dorm, and an on campus job.....things are already falling into place. There's still a lot of unknown aspects-I've been to western Massachusetts {farmville usa} exactly twice, don't really know what I'll be studying, don't really know anyone, but hey!it's an adventure.

so, here's to new friends, new favorite places, friday nights, photo adventures and anthro lectures-may you be good to me xx


november, december+january//canon 5d

a couple of forgotten shots from this winter-i seemed to have fell off the blogging wagon over the last couple of days, thanks to days spent assisting at mom's studio and saying good bye to friends. 
two things-
1. hello to my new followers-i was stunned to gain so many this week! 
2. twitter-who's got it? i'm trying to reach out to bloggers more via tweet so leave me your username below xx

reading list//poetry

I'm a little bit of a self proclaimed bookworm, and I thought that it'd be swell to do a once weekly post about books, articles, and magazines I've found myself smitten, as well as take suggestions from other readers! While I'm planning on running the feature on Sundays, I got a little caught up in posting my adventures with my friend yesterday, so a Monday reading list it is.

I discovered Rumi my senior year of high school, and fell head over heels into love; his poetry renders me wordless. Mom and Dad delivered this year with my own personal copy that i could highlight {like the geek I am}. My Mom's a big fan of Mary Oliver, so they also gave me a copy of selected works as well. I haven't finished these ones yet; poetry is so dense that I often read only small portions of it at a time.

some other things. 
2 people, one life; a blog documenting two people who are having a wedding in each country-each ceremony is dictated by local customs. Very interesting concept- particularly love the weddings in Ireland and Morroco.
+ Before they Pass Away; Jimmy Nelson is traveling around the world, documenting indigenous tribes before they become extinct. His photographs are absolutely stunning; I highly recommend taking a peek, you might end up staying for an hour {or two!}
+Super Heroine, an interview with Lorde; No secret that I love Lorde {remember this post?}, so when I stumbled across this interviewby Tavi Gevinson, I may have died. It's long but worth the read.

What have you been reading recently?

laugh until our ribs get tough

january 5, 2013//bridgewater state university//canon 5d

the university in my town has been eerily quiet over winter break, which meant that photographs were in order. my lovely friend maeve was on hand to model; her dark hair +plaid shirt  looked gorgeous against the brick and snow. and the greenhouse-how awesome is this? there was an old one on campus for years but this one is new-hopefully a friend of mine who attends college here can get me in, i'm dying to shoot in cool location like this! 

lately//film ii

november-december 2013//bridgewater ma {mostly}//pentax k1000 + walmart expired film

ah, if only i wasn't so broke-i would shoot film so much more. as it is, i have six rolls, waiting patiently on my bookshelf to be developed, but there are phone bills to pay and college textbooks to buy. financing college myself this semester{weeps uncontrollably} means that i'm counting my pennies very carefully//contemplating selling my kidneys on the black market~and wishing that i lived somewhere where it didn't cost 23k a year to go to a state school. {weeps some more}

anyways, moving on- these pictures were a very pleasant surprise. generally speaking, expired film, being somewhere between fifteen and forty years old, churns out some..interesting results, ranging from blue tinted to very grainy//damaged film. however, this roll resulted in some beautifully colored shots. i was also using my pentax k1000, which is a manually focused camera-a vast contrast to the virtually indestructible, automatic underwater camera from the eighties that i usually use. i especially love the pictures of my friends-i feel like whenever i take my digital camera out, they kind of pose, but film shots tend to be more candid and spontaneous.

2014//places to visit

 photo traveling_zps5eb2df69.jpg

2//3//4 sources

Resolutions are something that often get thrown to the wayside after februrary//march or so, because they require so much self improvement-so why not make a resolution to visit a couple of cool places? Here are the trips I'm dying to go this year {and most of them are pretty achievable!}

1. New York City; Hopefully making a couple of daytrips this year, now that i know about Megabus's super cheap tickets-dying to explore Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. 
2. Nashville; My mom has a convention in Nashville later this year; perfect excuse to visit a really, cool hip city. 
3. Washington DC; a friend of mine let it slip recently that she has relatives who live in dc and love visitors-hoping to visit when the cherry trees are in bloom!
4. Phoenix; my best friend goes to school here-hello, desert photo shoots and hiking camelback mountain. 
5. Germany; okay, this is the least likely to happen-but with some positive thinking, it's possible! My senior year of high school, we hosted an exchange student {i call her my schwester}, and I'm the only one who has visited her so far. I've heard that Germans do Christmas pretty well, so I'd love to head over and spend the holidays with her family. 

what about you? where do you want to visit in 2014?

2014 on little blue backpack

hey everyone!

you may have noticed that little blue backpack got a bit of a face lift in the last week or so-basic little things {my coding is still rather elementary}, but it was all for good reason-
little blue backpack is now not only my personal blog; it's the official blog for atlas addict! this means, quite simply, that i'm going to be posting daily-in addition to my personal photography, style, and adventures, i'll be introducing travel guides, inviting bloggers to guest post {email me if you're interested!} and sharing inspiration to feed your wanderlust.

one of my five goals for this year is to really grow atlas addict//little blue backpack, and there are going to be a couple more exciting developments this month-including a shop opening {stay tuned for more details!} and some sponsorship opportunities on both stick around, and thanks for reading! i'm excited for 2014 and to share all the adventures it will bring xx

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