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NYC 2013

december 7 2013//view from megabus, nyc//canon 5d

{this is the last new york post, i swear}

when researching transportation to new york, i stumbled across megabus-and what a wonderful thing megabus is. super cheap bus tickets? {we're talking $1, $3, $5 per ride}yes please. after some googling, i read a couple of horror stories and was a little worried about what i was getting myself into.

however, i was lucky enough that i had a really good experience. while megabus isn't exactly fancy, the buses weren't crowded {meaning that i had the row to myself}, and there were free wifi + outlets. and the best part? on the way back i snagged the front seat on the second level,  {megabus is a double decker bus} meaning that i had a huge picture window to say good bye to the city with.
that being said, here are some tips to conquering megabus;

  • buy early; the earlier you buy, the cheaper the tickets are. i bought a month in advance or so, and when i checked back a week or two later, prices were almost double. the closer you get towards the date, the higher the price. 
  • buy odd days;  'weekends away' {friday to sunday} tend to be more expensive because the tickets are in greater demand-same thing for peak times. i left on a thursday morning at eight and returned on a saturday afternoon-because they were odder times, i paid almost nothing. 
  • book trips far apart; since megabus offers buses to pretty much all of the united states, it's a great way to see the entire country. but since buses only leave from certain locations, you might have to take a couple of buses-and since megabus is a little tricky about refunds and buying tickets, i would leave a lot of time between switching buses, as some might get delayed, etc. 
so yeah, i will definitely be riding megabus in the future to exciting new places! i hoped this helped you plan your next trip xx

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