2013//yearly review

some of my favorite pictures from this year-january to december 2013

 One word to describe this year; unexpected. but, you've got to roll with the punches and take everything as it comes-and i wouldn't change anything. its all part of the journey.

three very important things about this year;
1. my photography skills grew in leaps and bounds. i embarked on the project 365 {a picture a day} last january, and, while i did end up stopping in july or so, it taught me to shoot everyday and bring my camera everywhere {i hardly leave the house without it anymore!} looking back on how far i've come, i'm absolutely blown away by the progress i've made.
2. i love city life with all my heart, but it will be waiting for me when i graduate college. and maybe, just maybe, parts of my hometown aren't that horrible-in fact, pieces of it are really great.
3. don't ever, ever, ever settle for the okay. if it's not worth it, stop. find the things that make you happy and do them.

what about you-what did you learn in 2013?

Quiet Places

 photo boston_zpsa3f050f6.jpg

 photo hallwayone_zpsfc994be9.jpg

 photo meone_zps898f47d9.jpg

mfa, boston ma//december 28//canon 5d {last one taken by my mom}

these pictures were taken in a glass hallway on the second floor that i consider to be a special little place-it is my firm belief that you discover quiet spots of tranquility in every place you live, corners that seem invisible to everyone else, and you carry them with you forever from each home to the next.


 photo deanna-keith-homestead-1-16copy_zpsfb7dd245.jpg

 photo bathtubone_zpsa6890c17.jpg

 photo bathtubblackandwhite_zpsf9643dec.jpg

 photo deannapensive_zpsd0d78507.jpg

 photo loft_zpsa842600d.jpg

 photo december_zps5fb14f79.jpg

 photo backview_zpscfc69bfe.jpg

 photo berries_zpsef828f2f.jpg

december 27//bridgewater ma//canon 5d

I love having friends who see an abandoned shed, surrounded by a sea of thorns, and agree without second hesitation to brave the dense thicket in the name of adventures, exploration, and photography. In this case, we were rewarded with golden light, great texture, and a bathtub (!) I didn't quite get the portraits I was hoping for, but you best believe I'll be returning.......

such sweet nothings

 photo deanna-keith-homestead-1-3copy_zps830b6be8.jpg

 photo deannalaughing_zpsfd20f512.jpg

deanna//december 27//bridgewater ma//canon 5d

if you take a look around this corner of the internet, you'll notice that things are in a bit of a disarray-i'm working on my layout in the hopes of using little blue backpack as both a personal blog as well as the official blog for atlas addict. everything should be cleaned up by the new year, which is when i'll be explaining the whole concept a bit more, and so on and so forth. so for now, have a few pictures of my crazy beautiful friend deanna, and i hope you had a wonderful, festive christmas xx



a very merry christmas to all xx


a couple of pages from my latest sketchbook, in pursuit. {i title all of my sketchbooks-each one is a chapter in my life, a small book of sorts.}

travel tips//the wonders of megabus

NYC 2013

december 7 2013//view from megabus, nyc//canon 5d

{this is the last new york post, i swear}

when researching transportation to new york, i stumbled across megabus-and what a wonderful thing megabus is. super cheap bus tickets? {we're talking $1, $3, $5 per ride}yes please. after some googling, i read a couple of horror stories and was a little worried about what i was getting myself into.

however, i was lucky enough that i had a really good experience. while megabus isn't exactly fancy, the buses weren't crowded {meaning that i had the row to myself}, and there were free wifi + outlets. and the best part? on the way back i snagged the front seat on the second level,  {megabus is a double decker bus} meaning that i had a huge picture window to say good bye to the city with.
that being said, here are some tips to conquering megabus;

  • buy early; the earlier you buy, the cheaper the tickets are. i bought a month in advance or so, and when i checked back a week or two later, prices were almost double. the closer you get towards the date, the higher the price. 
  • buy odd days;  'weekends away' {friday to sunday} tend to be more expensive because the tickets are in greater demand-same thing for peak times. i left on a thursday morning at eight and returned on a saturday afternoon-because they were odder times, i paid almost nothing. 
  • book trips far apart; since megabus offers buses to pretty much all of the united states, it's a great way to see the entire country. but since buses only leave from certain locations, you might have to take a couple of buses-and since megabus is a little tricky about refunds and buying tickets, i would leave a lot of time between switching buses, as some might get delayed, etc. 
so yeah, i will definitely be riding megabus in the future to exciting new places! i hoped this helped you plan your next trip xx

NYC photo diary//central park+manhattan

NYC 2013

NYC 2013

NYC 2013

NYC 2013

NYC 2013


NYC 2013

NYC 2013

NYC 2013

NYC 2013

NYC 2013

NYC 2013

NYC 2013

NYC 2013

december 6+7 2013//manhattan and the bronx, nyc//canon 5d

{part three}

the most picture heavy post by far, but here are the majority of new york pictures not shown so far, mostly from saturday, when i went into the city with my friend. we spent most of our time in central park, and central manhattan, which was absolutely mobbed because of rockefeller plaza and the radio city music hall. {which is why there are no pictures....we had to absolutely weedwhack our way through every family from the tri state area}.

just wanted to also take a second to thank everyone for their wonderful comments recently! they've been making me blush and squirm in gratitude, and i just want to say that you all are fantastic human beings and i appreciate each and every one of your kind words so very, very much xx

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