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over the years, my taste in clothing has jumped around, changing and morphing into different things, becoming a conglomerate of different styles, a hodge podge of pieces and odds +ends. i've gotten to the point where i know exactly what i like {muted colors, double denim, doc martens, plaids, cozy sweaters, 'ethnic prints'} and what i don't like, {neon, crop tops, loud patterns, animal print, 'cutesy' things, overuse of vintage clothing} but i haven't quite defined what exactly my 'personal style' falls under-and i guess it will always be a mystery, because you can't always fit things in a clean box.

i've always had this dream about having a clean, basic wardrobe that was compact, classy, and ideal for traveling-a few pieces that could go a long way. being a poor college student has largely killed the concept of rebuilding my wardrobe from the ground up, but i had the opportunity to buy a lot of clothes for very cheap this weekend {thank you retail job} and i took it in stride, stocking up on all the things i needed to create the 'ideal wardrobe.'

being a minimalist at heart, being able to separate my essential possessions from my superfluous ones has always been something i've tried to do, and after cleaning out my closet, i can say that i am easily able to determine what is needed, and what is wanted. officially, i now own around four pairs of pants, six skirts, three pairs of shorts, eight or nine tees, seven blouses, six sweaters, six dresses, two men's shirts, three jackets, and eight pairs of shoes {excluding pajamas and 'athletic' wear}. depending on your preferences, this may sound like a little-or a lot-of clothing, yet the pieces are easily mixed +matched to create endless possibilities. and as weird as it may sound, knowing that i'm not weighed down with extraneous things that i 'occasionally' wear or use takes a weight off my shoulders.

 over the next few weeks, i'm going to be breaking this down into a couple of different posts to further explain what i think is necessary//the different pieces i own as a sort of foray into the world of style blogging, in the hopes that it may change the way others look at the clothing they own, so stay tuned!

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