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I'm not quite sure how to explain my absolute love//awe of lorde and her newest album, pure heroine, but its safe to say that i haven't had an emotional connection to an artist like this since frank turner's england keep my bones. Each song reminds me of a moment during high school or my first year of college, of memories and flickers and feelings of something i can't quite put my finger on-beautiful and awful and haunting and perfect. One of the most amazing things, I think, is that she writes about being bored, because, what else is there for a sixteen, seventeen, nineteen year old to be? You listen to other young artists and they sing about things too old, too heavy, or relationships-but when i was 17, i wasn't in a relationship, or dropping bottles in the club-i was driving around with my friends, absorbing moments of stillness, working a fast food job and picking up a camera-i still am. i read a quote from her interview with the guardian, that blew me away~

"Everyone is so obsessed with how everything looks, how the party will look through a lens the next day. We all have Tumblr and we all have Instagram and everything. People care so much about it because, now, any random can be famous on the internet if their world looks good on Tumblr. And so everyone at high school strives for this kind of aesthetic correctness. I do it as well, you know. I curate my life in a way. It's always playing on my mind, kind of a love-hate relationship. 

she's 16, guys. 16. 

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