well, it's official, i'm the world's worst blogger. but hey, in my defense, some pretty rad things have been happening over at atlas addict! we have travel guides on ohrid, macedonia (seriously cool place) and santorini, greece now. i can't believe that it's only been 10 days since it launched, and a big thanks to everyone who's visited, commented, shared or contributed.

here is my september-a couple of boston trips, enjoying the stillness, slowly getting used to being home.   i'm going to miss the golden colors come october, when they fade into browns and reds, but, hey. everything's ephemeral.

Big Announcement!//Atlas Addict

For a long time, I've been looking for an image based travel website//guide. Something with high quality photographs, enough information to use as a jumping off point....inspiration for my daydreams of traveling the world. But no matter how hard I looked, I just couldn't seem to find one. Sites like tumblr or flickr had beautiful pictures, but no information regarding where the photographs were taken. On the other hand, travel websites like trip advisor had plenty of information-too much information. Navigating the site proved to be exhausting, and the pictures? Not the highest quality. I started finding that bloggers-travel, fashion, lifestyle-were producing the best guides without realizing it-good photographs, a little information about their trip, and a couple {but not too many} suggestions.

After deciding to take a semester of school off, I realized I'd need some sort of project to keep myself busy, and, combined with my frustrations with travel guides//my desire to break into the travel world, I figured I'd start a travel website. And now, after two odd months of hard work, it's officially finished!

Atlas Addict is an image based travel website written by bloggers and photographers. It relies on photographs more than words to convey the essence of a location. There's a few suggestions of places to eat, stay, and see, but it largely functions as a jumping off point, inspiration for your next trip, whether it be down the road or across the ocean. It's a website for the explorer, someone who's just as interested in back alleys as the landmarks and monuments. 

So far, I have guides for 7 locations in Europe and 3 in the US; and I'm looking for more! If you have any suggestions or photographs, please let me know, either by visiting the website or emailing me at I'm looking for contributors and information for places all around the world. 

Visit Atlas Addict here!


new treasures


My newest treasures-new clothes from the thrift store//a new sketchbook, aptly titled the skies i'm under//free people's spectacular "September Issue" feat. miss kloss & perfectly perfect gypsy clothes. sigh.

still being a terrible blogger, sorry about that. but I have big news for Friday! In the meantime, listen to this beautiful music, here and here. (if you're not listening to Lorde by now, you're doing something wrong)

ps. quick question for all my visitors-can you see my header? or is it a giant triangle with an exclamation point? sometimes it shows up for me, sometimes not, and i'd like to straighten that out if possible. lemme know in the comments below!



Nicole//September 5//Boston Fens//Canon 5D

I have been a terrible blogger, please excuse my absence-I was lost in a wave of humdrum activity, working on projects, at Old Navy, finishing my college applications, and surfing the web mindlessly; but its time to focus again, so here goes. In the meantime, enjoy these beautiful pictures of my friend Nicole and the debut of her new haircut-I know I've rambled on about this forever and ever, but I think I have the most beautiful friends in existence. Seriously. You guys.

nutella on toast

September 6, 2013//Boston Ma//Canon 5D

From a quiet morning recently

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