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I love the beach; you could say I've got salt water in my veins. So when it comes to the sun, sea and sand, I want to be at the beach-not in the car. And while I love Cape Cod, well, sometimes its just a little too far, a little too crowded, a little too exhausting. 

Enter Onset Village, the blue collar cousin to the Cape's country club attire. Close enough to the Cape to benefit from the warm water//nice sand, but without the hassle of summertime traffic, its a no frills, no fuss sort of place. I may be partial to its sleepy town center (market, t-shirt shops, pizza places) and crowded neighborhoods full of tiny, ramshackle, front porched houses, but for a good reason-I spent the first five years of my life here beachin' it up, watching fourth of July fireworks from the hill, and sleeping in a room with six foot high sunflowers painted on the wall, immortalized for all seasons. 

Recently, I got to share my little slice of nostalgia with friends Vanessa and Shannon. We read on the beach, took pictures with my underwater camera in the ocean, and watched a seagull catch-and eat! a huge crab. Once the sun hid its face, we finished the day with some exploring and-of course!-ice cream. It is my core belief that all good things end with ice cream. 

If you go; eat pizza at Marc Antony's and ice cream at Guido's; stay in a cottage or one of the b+b's on Onset Ave; shop at the stores in the town center, see a free outdoor movie in the town park, beach it up for days and days!

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