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07/14/13//Canon 5d//Block Island, RI

I popped over to Block Island for a few days this week, and it was utterly and completely perfect. I keep dreaming about bicycle rides and doodling lopsided beach homes, wishing I could be back. Pictures will be up Saturday-I'm pretty proud of them. My skills are improving with each passing day, and far off in the horizon, is the possibility of great things. Some of my friends have mentioned off handedly that they want me to do their wedding pictures someday, which simultaneously flatters and frightens me. Weddings are important things, a one shot thing. But it would be an honor. (good thing its far away; I'm only 19.) 

I saw the Heat tonight and it was fabulous. Always exciting to see my hometown on the silver screen. Tomorrow I have a phone call that I keep putting off, but needs to be done. And on Friday, I start at Old Navy. Things are looking up, and I just have to keep keepin' on. 

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