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Hey there!

Welcome to Little Blue Backpack, a travel//lifestyle blog based in the Greater Boston area. My name's Shannon, and I'm the voice behind the curtain, so to speak. I'm an amateur photographer, avid wanderlust, and constant daydreamer living in the suburbs. 

The term Little Blue Backpack refers to a very special bag of mine, pictured above. In July 2012, one of my closest friends spent a few weeks in Senegal, and returned with a backpack for me, purchased from a local market. It is has since accompanied me on dozens of adventures, including three airports, five museums, two foreign countries, and plenty of parks, restaurants, and shops. When choosing a name for my blog, there seemed to be no better representation of myself than the durable little bag that is ready for anything. 

Be sure to follow me on bloglovin'. And if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, reach out to me, whether it be email, twitter, facebook, or instagram. 

happy reading!

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