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plymouth three

My friends Maddy, Kathleen, and I popped over on Friday for a little adventure to Plymouth Ma, the birthplace of America. Its a beautiful town, with a rich history, a picturesque downtown, and beautiful beaches. 

As residents of the surrounding area, we knew to skip the Plantation (which is lovely, if you are a history bluff/have never been to Plymouth/a third grade class) and headed over instead to the waterfront, where we met up with a friend of mine from college. We made a beeline for Water Street-a conglomerate of shops, ice cream stands, and bars, crowded with locals and tourists alike. 

We ate burgers and fries on benches overlooking a little marina, watching the birds make sharp dives into the ocean, before heading over to the jetty, a long expanse of rocks stretching out far into the ocean. Hopping from rock to rock, it took us 15 or 20 minutes to reach the end, where we sat, enjoying the breeze, and feeling the ocean jump up to lick our feet. We finished the night with some ice cream at Ziggy's-by then it was late, and the street was alive with drunken laughter and stumbling girls in heels, a perfect way to end the first day of summer. 

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