a few things // [back to blogging?]

well hello there, friends! 

it's been a minute since i blogged, it seems, and an hour [see what i did there? no? ok. moving on] since i've blogged regularly. there's really no good excuse, except for me constantly trying to figure out my place in this world // my presence photographically // jobs + side hustles, etc. and sheer laziness. that one can't be forgotten, either. 

nevertheless, a couple of things //

+ i miss reading other blogs, commenting,  and keeping in touch--i think this is something that's waned, in the face of social media. i'm trying to implement a morning routine where i get up early enough to sit down and eat breakfast [as opposed to in the car/at my desk] and do my duolingo and catch up on blogging--it's going okay-ish. 

+ if you are trying to get to Atlas Addict, the site is down for maintenance and rebranding! there will be a new reveal soon and things will be great

+ i've been spending a lot of time thinking about this space, and what i want to write about, and i'm thinking of doing a many, many part series on photography. it won't be one of those "how to be a professional photographer!" sort of thing, but more a love letter to the craft, and how to make photos a little better, and tips for portrait, documentary. THAT BEING SAID, if you maybe have questions abt photos or photojournalism you should leave them in the comments? okay cool 

this is a long, winding, vaguely pointless post BUT, it's a post. 'm back, friends! 

A Day in Denver

March 20 // Pecos + Highlands neighborhood, Denver // Canon 6D 

Last month, I headed down to Denver to see a friend [hey, Emily], get some dunks, and frequent the stores we don't have in Wyoming. I wish I could say that I love it, that Denver is as great as everyone says, but we didn't quite get off on the right foot--too much traffic, not enough public transportation, beautiful old neighborhoods being replaced by kombucha taprooms. [seriously? seriously? DENVER. be better.] 

There were some redeeming qualities, though--namely, good beer, modern conveniences, Dunkin' Donuts, a skyline, and loads of little parks and cute houses--so Denver, I hope to see you again. Here's to second impressions that stick. 

nathaniel rateliff + the night sweats

March 24 // University of Wyoming // Canon 6D 

Since the age of five, I've lived in various college towns--five different ones, to be exact. Some, like Bridgewater and Mannheim, are hardly changed by the presence of a couple of thousand extra kids running around--others are shaped by the knowledge, the faculty and programs and buildings occupying neighborhoods and pastures.

Laramie is one of those towns, a little jewel in the plains of southeastern Wyoming, full of university students and the things they bring with them--bikes, bars, free cultural programs, and, yes, concerts. And while the local music scene is bumping, here, sometimes it'd be nice to see someone I listen to on spotify, you know? Growing up near Boston, I was downright spoiled--now, the artists I want to see are always in Denver, two hours away.

So when Nathaniel Rateliff  + The Night Sweats was announced as the UWyo spring concert, I was so excited. My roommate bought me a ticket as a early birthday present, I made sure I wouldn't have to work, and after some delicious mandarin orange cauliflower at Sweet Melissa's, well, we were ready

The concert was honestly one of the best acts I've seen live--rollicking tunes, incredible vocals, and just.....all around excellence. My friends and I  stood at the front of the auditorium, by the orchestra pit, taking turns standing up front and swaying to the music, and one piece of lyric seemed oh so appropriate--

can we be there // oh just think of the time 

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