Autumn drives

From the snowy plains of Laramie, up over the snowy range [which was, you guessed it, snowy] in the fog and past beautiful foliage and craggy rocks on our way to encampment, wyoming. more pictures + words soon.

Fort Collins | Heritage Courtyard


I had never heard of Fort Collins before moving to Wyoming--my Colorado geography wasn't that great, I guess--but I'm glad I have now! It's a great little city--home to CSU, New Belgium and O'Dell's brewery, annnnnnd there's a dunkin donuts! I spend enough time in this little city, so I think it's a safe goal to try and explore // share something different every time I go down, starting with....

The Heritage Courtyard! Located in Library Park, it's a collection of historic cabins and a one-room schoolhouse from the early days of the city. They are well preserved and a lot of fun to walk in and around--and the historical actors are full of interesting information [a little too much information? perhaps]. My sister and I had fun climbing up and down the stairs to the second floor + remembering the olden days of our childhood, when we used to play pioneer. 

The courtyard is only a couple blocks from downtown Fort Collins, so it's a perfect quick side trip from shopping + snacks on College Street. 

laramie in the summer

there's snow blanketing the pass between laramie and cheyenne, so here are some photos from a dreamy summer evening in july, when the sun didn't set until late and everything was warm + wonderful.

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